Travel Bursary

PESICON Jodhpur team is pleased to announce travel bursary the first of its kind in Paediatric Surgery conferences in India.

All residents/trainees in paediatric surgical training doing either M.Ch or DNB are advised to take advantage of this opportunity.

Award Entitlements:

1. Tickets from their place of work (by air or train as applicable) to the Jodhpur
2. Accommodation during the period of the conference
3. Reimbursement of Registration fees
4. Opportunity of assist in theatre during Live Operative sessions (Subject to availability)
5. Last date of submission is 15th December, 2018

Eligibilty Crietria and Application Process
1. Residents/Trainees /Fellows in Paediatric Surgery or Paediatric Urology
2. Application along with abstract
3. Registration for PESICON 2019 is mandatory for application
4. Must submit a brief write up (250 words) on why she/he is considered best candidate for the bursary
5. Last date to submit is 15th December, 2018
6. Curriculum vitae highlighting all the awards and achievements

Selection Process
1. Selection will be based upon assessment (instead of marketing) by peer reviewe process/method
2. Selection will be finalized by 15th December, 2018 and communicated to the applicants and the selected list will be put up on the website
3. 3 award positions are available only for candidates currently in training. (MS, M.Ch, DNB, Fellowship)
4. Committee’s decision will Final

Application format

1. Name
2. Gender
3. Communication address
4. Date of Birth
5. Institute in which training
6. Course (MS, M.Ch, DNB or Fellowship)
7. Two paged CV highlighting awards and other achievements
8. Brief write up (250 words) on why she/he is considered best candidate for the bursary
9. PESICON 2019 registration number
10. Abstract submission number and Title of abstract

Abstract Submission

The deadline for Abstract Submission is 15th December, 2018.  All the submitted abstract will receive the confirmation of receipt within 7 days of submission. In case you don’t receive the receipt within 7 days contact PESI Secretariat / Conference Secretariat.

Terms and Conditions

  • • The submission of an abstract affirms that all authors named in the abstract have agreed to its submission for presentation at the Annual Meeting of PESI.
  • • It is the responsibility of the submitting author to ensure the abstract is in perfect order with no errors in spelling or grammar, as revisions will not be accepted. Abstracts will not be corrected.
  • • At the time of submission of the abstract, the data on which the abstract is based should not be published, either in print or online.
  • • Submission of an abstract constitutes the author's commitment to present the abstract as accepted. Expenses associated with the preparation, submission and presentation of an abstract are the responsibility of the author/presenter.

Preparation of Abstracts

  • • Size: The size of the abstract is limited to 300 words. This includes title, body of abstract.
  • • Title: The title should clearly define the topic and contain no abbreviations. The title should not be in all capital letters.
  • • Authors: List the primary author's full name, followed by the other authors' names. Completely spell out the names of all authors using full first name, middle initial and last name. The name of the presenting author should be underlined.
  • Body of Abstract: The abstract should be informative and detailed.
  • The body must contain four separate paragraphs:
    a) Objective 

b) Methods  
c) Results and
d) Conclusions.

  • • It is NOT acceptable to state that "The results will be discussed." Inclusion of specific data is helpful to the reviewers.
  • • Standard abbreviations may be used as follows: for the first use, spell out the full term and then follow with the abbreviation in parentheses each time thereafter.
  • • Proprietary names of drugs are not allowed; generic names must be used.

Video Presentations:

    • • The abstracts for video presentations should be marked as video presentation. The Video presentation should not be more than 5-minute duration.
    • • The authors will be intimated about the acceptance of the abstract. The PESI Secretary will determine the format of the presentation. Accepted abstracts are assigned to be presented in oral, poster or video session.
    • • For video presentation, kindly upload the video on your google drive and mention the link in the abstract. Make sure that the link is shared with and 


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